Buckeye Norton was a reformed outlaw in hiding who had settled down in the town of Gunstock and become the foreman of Paradise Mine.  He is featured in the radio episode, Radio: Left-Handed Killer.

"The Left-Handed Killer"[edit | edit source]

Buckeye Norton lived an outlaw life.   He and his partner, Dobby Rapson, robbed and killed a rancher out in Texas.   Dobby was sentenced to life behind bars and Buckeye Norton was scared straight.   Buckeye retired from crime and took a job as a foreman of the Paradise Mine and worked quietly for 21 years.

In the radio episode, Buckeye Norton is blackmailed by a lawyer named Hasp Solen into a scheme to murder the rightful heir of Paradise Mine.  If the rightful heir were dead or uninterested, Buckeye would inherit the mine.   Buckeye reluctantly agrees to give up his half of the mine as long as Hasp does not reveal his criminal past.  When it all goes poorly because of the heroics of the Lone Ranger and Tonto, both Hasp and Buckeye end up in adjacent prison cells cursing the Lone Ranger.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Buckeye is portrayed as reluctant to participate in the crime and hesitant to walk down that road again.   Only when threatened with his past and jail does Buckeye agree to be party to this scheme.

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