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Cal Cummings was a prominent and respected rancher in Texas near the city of Abilene.   However, he was also the leader of a horse thieving ring operating out of the city.   He was the antagonist in the episode, Radio: The Theft of Silver.    

"The Theft of Silver"[]

Cummings planned to use his own men disguised as fake Rangers to arrest Tonto as the scapegoat for his very own horse thieving ring.   He overplayed his hand when he tried to steal Silver, allowing the Lone Ranger to find out his scheme and dismantle it.   .


Cummings was shown as an arrogant man who enjoys the power his money gives.   He is shown as a careful and prudent planner who tried to make sure no chances were taken.   Because of this fear of being caught, sometimes he overplanned which allowed the Lone Ranger to defeat him.