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Vital statistics
Title Texas Ranger (formerly), Outlaw
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Outlaw
Health Died at the Desert
Level Old
Status Deceased, Shot by Latham Cole
Location West

Collins is the name of the man who led six Texas Rangers into an ambush at Bryant's Gap.

History Edit

Collins claimed he could lead the Texas Rangers to Butch Cavendish, one of the most wanted outlaws in the West. As the Ranger's neared the narrow pass known as Bryant's Gap, Collins offered to scout ahead for any danger. Unknown to Captain Dan Reid and the other Rangers, Collins was working for Cavendish, who had his men staked out high on the canyon walls waiting for the Rangers.

Radio Edit

On the radio Collins was merely referred to as a scout. He led the Rangers to the Gap and the ambush.

Reid and Collins

Captain Dan Reid with Collins

Television Edit

On television, Vince Collins was said to be a half-breed scout, played by Mexican-born actor George J. Lewis. He claimed to have had a run-in with the Cavendish Gang that left him with a wounded arm. After Cavendish believed all the Rangers had been killed, he shot Collins in the back as well. Collins survived that gunshot but later met his demise when he fell off a cliff while attempting to toss a boulder down at the Lone Ranger.

Film Edit

In 1981's "Legend of the Lone Ranger," Collins is a corrupt Texas Ranger. After the ambush Cavendish shoots Collins in the leg. "It would seem too coincidental if the only survivor was not injured," he told Collins. Later confronted by the Lone Ranger, Collins revealed Cavendish's master plan, leading him to be killed by a hidden member of the Gang.

Dynamite Entertainment Edit

In Dynamite Entertainment's 2006 comic book series, Collins is a small time thief. As the Rangers try to catch him after a recent theft, Collins heads towards the Gap, leading the Rangers to the ambush. Later confronted by Julius Bartholomew, he reveals too much information and winds up dead.

Notes Edit

The character of Collins is one of the most inconsistent characters of Lone Ranger lore. His name is Collins and he leads the Rangers into the ambush - those are the only things consistent. In different stories he's been a scout, a miner, a small-time crook, and even a Texas Ranger. He usually dies in re-tellings of the legend, but when and how also vary from telling to telling.

The Lone Ranger 2013Edit


  • Like the old movie, Collins was killed by an unknown man(Latham Cole).
  • Collins was revealed to be working for Butch Cavendish when most of the Texas rangers were killed.
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