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=====[[File:Lone_Ranger_Vol.5_-1.jpg|thumb]]'''Hard Country Part 1'''== <span style="font-size:13px;">"Remembrance"</span>===
Written by Andre Parks
Written by Andre Parks

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Written by Andre Parks

Illustrated by Esteve Polls


The story opens in the Oklahoma Territory in 1870.  A farmer named Jurgens is awakened by the sound of horses approaching his home.   A group of bandits with mask over their head demand a longbox filled with money.   Jurgens responds to their demands by shooting one of the bandits in the shoulder.   Jurgens' wife comes to see what has happened and gets shot.   The bandits escape and leave her for dead.

The bandits return soon after for the strongbox and their vengeance and Jurgens is waiting for them.   They surround him ready for the kill until the Lone Ranger rides in and disarms them by shooting their guns from their hands.   He unmask the bandits and asks them

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