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The Lone Ranger was a 1956 action film directed by Stuart Heisler for Warner Brothers studio. It starred Clayton Moore as the masked hero, Jay Silverheels as the intrepid Tonto, and Lyle Bettger as the scheming rancher, Reece Kilgore.


Reece Kilgore owns a lot of land, but he always wants more, and he doesn't care who he has to go through to get it. Kilgore stirs up a lot of trouble with the indians after he discovers silver on their sacred mountain. The Lone Ranger and Tonto attempt to keep the peace between the races.


  • Reece Kilgore ... Lyle Bettger
  • Welcome Kilgore ... Bonita Granville
  • Cassidy ... Robert Wilke
  • Pete Ramirez ... Perry Lopez
  • Sheriff Sam Kimberly ... John Pickard
  • Lila Kilgore ... Beverly Washburn
  • Angry Horse ... Michael Ansara
  • Chief Red Hawk ... Frank deKova
  • Governor ... Charles Merideth

DVD Availability[]

In 2001 VCI Entertainment released two versions of The Lone Ranger on DVD. A single-disc full-screen version was issued along with a 2-disc "special edition," which included full-screen and widescreen versions, along with a selection of bonus features. These included film critic/historian Leonard Maltin interviewing Dawn Moore, daughter of Clayton Moore, and screenwriter Michael Druxman interviewing Michael Ansara.

In April 2011, Vivendi Entertainment released a double-feature DVD including both The Lone Ranger and The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold.