Grandma Frisby is the woman who raises Dan Reid Jr. after the death of his mother, Linda.

History[edit | edit source]

Grandma Frisby was travelling to Fort Laramie on a wagon train where she met Linda Reid. Linda had a baby named Dan. The wagon train was attacked by a renegade group of Apache indians. Linda was killed during the attack, but she had managed to hide Dan in a small trunk. Grandma Frisby escaped the attack and took little Dan with her.

Grandma Frisby and Dan moved near the Canadian border, where she raised him as her grandson, Dan Frisby. She often heard stories of the Lone Ranger and shared these tales with Dan. Years later, the Lone Ranger and Tonto were chasing an outlaw who was trying to cross the border. They met Grandma Frisby and Dan who helped in the outlaw's capture.

After the excitement, however, Grandma Frisby's age caught up with her. Before she passed on she revealed Dan's past, showing the Ranger a locket the boy had had around his neck. The Lone Ranger recognized the people pictured in the locket as his brother Dan and sister-in-law Linda. He realized Dan Frisby was, in fact, his nephew, Dan Reid Jr. Grandma Frisby had two requests before she passed on. One, that the Lone Ranger would look after Dan, and two, to see the Ranger's face. The Lone Ranger granted both of her requests and she passed away contently.

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