Hasp Solen is a scheming, greedy lawyer from the town of Gunstock.  He and his reluctant partner, Buckeye Norton, schemed to control the Paradise Mine.   Their criminal exploits are featured in the radio episode, the Left-Handed Killer."

The Left-Handed Killer[edit | edit source]

In the episode, Hasp Solen caught wind of something interesting.   The owner of the Paradise Mine died of pnemonia and left the mine to his nephew and heir, Johnny Marble.   If Johnny passed away, the mine reverted to the control of the foreman, Buckeye Norton.   Hasp crafted a scheme to murder Johnny Marble and extort the knowledge that Buckeye was a former fugitive on the run to gain control of the silver mine.   

With Buckeye in agreement to split the silver mine, Hasp grabbed his rifle. (a special left handed gun) and waiting for Johnny Marble to come down the old wagon trail into town. Hasp shot Johnny and was coming down to finish him off when the Lone Ranger and Tonto heard the shots and interceded.  Hasp had to flee the scene and return to town.

Lone Ranger went to go explore a lead in town and Tonto stayed with Johnny.   When Tonto entered Gunstock with the injured Johnny, they went to see the sheriff.  Hasp went to control the situation and spin it.   It quickly spiraled out of control and Hasp had to draw his gun and take the Sheriff Lemon, Johnny, and Tonto captive.  He marched them back to his office where the Lone Ranger was waiting.   He jumped Hasp and disarmed him. 

Hasp was put in jail along with his outted partner and Johnny got control of the Paradise Silver Mine thanks to the heroics of the Lone Ranger and Tonto.

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