Hex Norton was an undercover detective that formerly worked for the railroad.   Hex was in league with Marshall Tom Coleman to locate the group known as the Hooded Raiders and shut them down.   Their plan was for Hex infiltrate the gang, gain their confidence, and to convince the leader to hire a two bit thug named Shag Roscoe and for the Marshall to trail him to the gang's hideout.   Roscoe ended up being more trouble than he was worth, the Lone Ranger pretended to be Roscoe and helped Hex Norton shut down the gang.  

Personality[edit | edit source]

Hex Norton was smart and convincing enough to make the gang believe that he was an outlaw.   He was careful and reacted well to the shock of the Lone Ranger in place of Roscoe and brave when asked by the Lone Ranger to take down the gang.    

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