Linda Reid is the wife of Dan Reid Sr. and the mother of Dan Reid Jr.. She is the sister-in-law of John Reid, The Lone Ranger.

History[edit | edit source]

In the majority of tellings of the Lone Ranger legend, Linda Reid is described as "a fine lady" from "back east," usually Virginia. She is travelling from Virginia to Fort Laramie, Texas by wagon train with her newborn son, Dan Jr. at the time of the Bryant's Gap ambush that kills her husband. The wagon train is attacked by renegade Apache indians, sometimes in conjunction with the Cavendish Gang. Linda is killed in the attack, but the baby escapes with an old woman known as Grandma Frisby. The Lone Ranger and Tonto find Dan Jr. and learn the truth of what happened to the wagon train about 13 years later.

Dynamite Entertainment[edit | edit source]

In one of the biggest departures from established Lone Ranger lore, Dynamite Entertainment's comic book series shows Linda Reid alive. Linda and Dan Jr. (significantly older at around age 5 or so) are living in Wyoming at the time of the ambush. She recognizes the Lone Ranger as John almost immediately and relocates to Texas to stay with the Ranger and Tonto on the land near the silver mine. Several issues seemed to imply a budding romance between Linda and the Ranger. It was later revealed that, in fact, Linda and Tonto shared feelings for one another.

Dynamite's Linda Reid

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