In the late 1970s Peter Pan Records released some original Lone Ranger adventures aimed at children.

4 Exciting Adventures LP Edit

In 1978 Peter Pan Records released an LP of four newly recorded audio adventures. Each was approximately 10 minutes in length and narrated by the Lone Ranger.

1. Ambush at Bryant's Gap - Six Texas Rangers led by Captain Dan Reid meet a miner named Collins while pursuing Butch Cavendish and his gang. Collins leads the Rangers into an ambush leaving all but one of the Rangers dead. The survivor is found by Tonto and becomes the Lone Ranger.

2. Rope Justice - In the town of Pandale Hunk MacNiel is being held on suspicion on murder and bank robbery. A lynch mob is threatening to take the law into their own hands until the Lone Ranger and Tonto arrive to calm down the crowd. Hunk claims he was framed by two men called "Big Mike" and "The Whistler." The Lone Ranger and Tonto set out to find the real crooks and prove Hunk's innocense.

3. Stampede - The Lone Ranger and Tonto meet a ranch hand named Tex who works for Cal Peters and his daughter, Linda. When the Peters' herd is stampeded by renegade indians, Tex is injured so the Ranger and Tonto offer to work in his place. Linda Peters doesn't believe indians are to blame. She thinks rival rancher Matt Matthews has something to do with the stampede.

4. Ace's Wild - Jed Collum's father has a gambling problem. While Jed is repairing a shoe on Silver, his father loses their blacksmith shop to Ace Fountain. Ace already owns almost everything else in town. The Lone Ranger comes up with a plan to get the Collum's shop back, but it suprised to find Ace Fountain to be an older gentleman confined to a wheelchair.

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