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The Hooded Raiders was episode #812 of the Lone Ranger Radio Series.  The original episode aired on 4/11/1938




Under special orders from the governor, Marshall Tom Coleman has been working to take down the notorious gang of outlaws called the Hooded Raiders These secretive bandits were hard to catch so Marshall Coleman placed a undercover agent inside the gang.   Hex Norton, a former railroad detective, joined the outfit and has been passing information out to Marshall Tom Coleman in hopes of finally taking them down.   Hex Norton convinced the leader of the Hooded Raiders to hire a two bit crook for the gang that would be easy for the Marshall to track, a dumb and careless thug named Shag Roscoe. 

Shag Roscoe received a map to their hideout and a letter from the gang  and left that night to their secret hideout.  He caught wind that he was being followed on his way and engaged in a shootout with the Marshall Tom Coleman.  Both men were struck.  The Marshall was found and healed by Tonto & the Lone Ranger and got back to the town of Sundance to raise a posse.    The Lone Ranger and Tonto tracked the bandit named Shag Roscoe.  They found him feverish with an infected leg, unable to make the meet.   The Lone Ranger goes in disguise as Roscoe to find the gang's hideout while Tonto memorizes the map and goes back to lead the posse.

The Lone Ranger sells his new cover and infiltrates the Hooded Raiders.  Undercover Agent Hex Norton and the Lone Ranger discover each other’s intent and defeat the leader  from the inside before he can raise his outlaw band with a warning.   The law posse arrives from town and attacks the Hooded Raiders base but the outlaws have the distinct advantage of the high ground with rocks and cover.   The Lone Ranger and Hex take out the bandits and get a surrender from the leaderless bandit gang.

List of Characters Featured[]

Marshall Tom Coleman

Sheriff Hank Reno

Doc Simmons

Shag Roscoe

Hex Norton

Leader of the Hooded Raiders

Hooded Raiders