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Formerly married to Daniel Reid, a Texas Ranger who died in the ambush at Bryant's Gap. Remarried to Latham Cole, a war hero and railroad tycoon, and a widower as well. She had a son from her previous marriage to Daniel Reid, also named Daniel Reid. Also had a son from her marriage to Latham Cole, also named Latham Cole. Latham had a daughter from his previous marriage, named Mary, her stepdaughter.

With the death of her husband and her farmstead being burned by Comanche, she headed West with her new family. She could live the life she had secretly longed for, full of adventure.

Dan's younger brother John attempted to have a relationship with her but she ended it. He was also killed in Bryant's Gap but managed to be resurrected as the Lone Ranger. She hates the fact that he came back while her husband didn't and that his actions led to Daniel's death. She also hates his friend Tonto since Tonto has attempted to kill her new husband.

She is regarded with respect and high esteem along with her new husband, Latham. She also owns shares in the Transcontinental Railroad Company since Latham is the owner.