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Red in her room

Red Harrington, played by Helena Boham Carter, is the one legged brothel owner of a traveling freakshow known as "Hell on wheels."


Red Harrington is first seen in the beginning scene during the opening of the train. Though her character is not explored till her offical introductory scene.

Red is the type to stay quite comfortable amidst chaos. This is shown when she is seen smiling during the panic at the train opening. She also calmly points a hidden gun at Tonto when it looked like he would attack her.

The traveling freakshow Red operates, Hell on wheels, is somewhat a cross between a circus, bar and prostitution ring. This might show somewhat of the disturbed mindset Red might harbor, giving that it is hinted that she used to be a ballerina and ballerinas are seen performing.

When the Lone ranger and Tonto come to her for information, it is also shown that she is quite keen in the revenge buisness. Before they leave she says "Make that monster pay for what he did to me."


Miss Harrington can be described as chaotic, with a calm cool and collected demeanor. She carries out somewhat strange encounters with a buisness like air. An example of this is when she is accused of having health code violations she simple states "Well this is a house of sin."

It is shown many times that beneath her calmness is anger, manupulation and a thirst for revenge. When a customer is harrasing one of her girls, she promptly shoots his chair from underneath him. Red has it out for Butch Cavendish and helps in any way to bring him to justice. It is hinted that before her accident Red was a ballerina and Butch had something to do with the loss of her leg,

Red is also shown to be manipulative and clever. Her job in the big climax was to set off an explosion by shooting a barrel of gun powder. Instead shooting the barrel herself, she seduces the head of the cavelry into unwittingly aiming the gun himself just for the irony.

Probobly due to her betrayal by Butch Red seems to care a great deal for her "Girls". When one is being harrassed by a customer, she shoots the chair from underneath him stating "No free rides gentlemen." She also brings them with her to the train opening.


Red is shown usually wearing all red including hair. She wears a corset and long skirt with a hat and red shawl.

Underneath her skirt is an ivory fake leg with black designs on it. Hidden inside is a fully loaded gun.

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