Enter the Lone Ranger

Written by

George B. Seitz Jr. & Fran Striker

Directed by

George B. Seitz Jr.

Episode No.


Original Airdate

September 15, 1949

Next Episode

The Lone Ranger Fights On

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

 Butch Cavendish and his band of outlaws are terrorizing the West. A tracker named Collins leads a group of six Texas Rangers, led by Captain Reid, after them. Collins, secretly working for Cavendish, leads the Rangers into an ambush in a narrow pass known as Bryant's Gap. Cavendish then goes about his business, believing all six Rangers dead.

Later that evening, a native american named Tonto comes upon the scene and finds one Ranger still barely alive. He discovers this Ranger is the same man who helped Tonto when his village was destroyed when they were both boys. Tonto tends to the Ranger's wounds and makes six graves so the outlaws will believe all the Rangers are dead. When the Ranger, the younger brother of Captain Reid, regains his strength, he decides to disguise himself with a mask and become the Lone Ranger.

Cast[edit | edit source]

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