In 1981, with high expectations for the feature film "The Legend of the Lone Ranger," a brand new daily newspaper comic strip was launched. It was written by Carey Bates with art by Russ Heath. The art was based on the look of the movie characters. The strip had limited syndication through the New York Times Syndicate. It ended in 1984.

A sample of the 1981 comic strip


  • Pure Imagination (1993)
    • In 1993 Greg Theakston's Pure Imagination Publishing released a single issue comic book that collected two of the strip's story-arcs.

Pure Imagination's 1993 collection

  • Dynamite Entertainment (2009)
    • Scheduled for release in January 2011 is the hardcover Lone Ranger Comic Strip Archive from Dynamite Entertainment. It is supposed to include over 500 strips and historical information. It will be the first comic strip collection from Dynamite Entertainment.

Dynamite Entertainment's 2009 collection

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